A plea for trust in ambulances for military aid under “extreme” pressure

Major ambulance trust seeks military assistance in warning of patient harm due to “extreme” pressure and delay.

The South East Coast Ambulance Service Trust on Thursday said it was in the “REAP Four” (formally called the “Black Alert”) and called for military assistance.

Board documents reveal that the trust is seeking help, but it has not yet received a green light. This means that 10 ambulances are added to the road every day.

During the summer, military aid was provided to several British ambulances, and last month, military aid was deployed to Welsh ambulances.

Earlier this month Independent It was revealed that 160,000 patients were harmed as the ambulance was kept waiting outside the A & E for a long time.

Some ambulance services have been “black alerts” since the beginning of the summer, reporting extreme pressure for several months.Care Quality Commission Chief Ted Baker said earlier Independent He had “very realistic” concerns about the risk to patient safety due to ambulance delays.

On October 30th and November 1st, the South Central Ambulance Service Trust declared a “serious incident” due to “extreme” pressure on the service and reported struggling to answer the phone.

The trust continued to experience “significant operational pressure” on Thursday and said it remained “REAP 4” “in line with the majority of other ambulance trusts.”

The trust said in October that it had lost 3,910 hours of ambulance due to delayed delivery of patients to the A & E of the University of Portsmouth Hospital Trust.

At its board meeting Thursday, the NHS England warned that demand for 111 services was also very high, with more than 2 million calls in October and a 44% increase in 2019-20.

“The ambulance service is under great pressure, answering more than 1 million 999 calls in October 2021 and prolonging delays in answering calls.”

“Also, an increasing number of ambulances are experiencing delays outside the A & E department. Our recovery focus is on reducing unavoidable harm throughout all parts of the ambulance route.”

A plea for trust in ambulances for military aid under “extreme” pressure

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