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A New Conan the Barbarian Game is Currently in the Works

According to a recent report from NME Gaming, a new Conan the Barbarian game is currently in development. The studio behind it is Funcom, and the Norwegian company now has full rights to produce titles relating to the legendary character. This could be a move away from Funcom’s previous Conan-related titles, and is said to feature several other characters from the Robert E. Howard universe. This new offering will be the latest in a long list of exceptional pieces of entertainment relating to the warrior who first appeared in Weird Tales in 1932.

Conan Exiles Was Hugely Popular

Funcom is already responsible for creating Conan-themed content and is now doubling down on the franchise. The Oslo-based studio released Conan Exiles in 2018 and followed it up with the massive Isle of Siptah expansion in 2021. Funcom has made more than 25 games in its history, and this was the fastest selling offering with 1.4 million copies sold in its first year.

This wasn’t the first Conan game from Funcom, highlighting the studio’s love for the Cimmerian. It released the MMORPGs Age of Conan: Unchained and Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer in 2008 and 2010 respectively. With such a rich history making games about Conan, it makes sense that Funcom decided to buy the full rights to the franchise.

Offering in iGaming Industry Highlights Scope of Character’s Popularity

PC and console aren’t the only places to find Conan content. Indeed, there’s a popular slot game as well, highlighting how the character is trendy among a diverse range of audiences. The Conan video slot is one of the options in the extensive library of games from NetEnt, another Scandinavian developer. Players can try out the Conan slot by finding bonus offers for casino games from the studio, which range from free spins to deposit match bonuses. Many of the world’s biggest online casinos host games from NetEnt, as they are known for their quality and reliability.

Funcom’s game could also be released alongside a new Netflix offering, which would be an excellent marketing ploy. The streaming platform is reported to have a series in the works that focuses on the original stories from the pulp magazines of the 1930s. This has been rumoured for some time, ever since streaming services began eyeing up potential projects that could tap into the huge Game of Thrones following who were hungry for similar content. Netflix already has The Witcher, which was met with favourable reviews and was watched by millions, and it could now apply the same marketing strategy to Conan. 

What do We Know About the New Game?

Right now, not much is known about the new Conan game from Funcom, except that it is likely to be a departure from its previous content related to the warrior. Because Funcom bought the rights to other works from Howard, it is likely to incorporate all of these into the same massive game. Therefore, there is a chance that the new title could be a sprawling open-world epic made in a similar vein to titles like the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Elder Scrolls. Many players have been crying out for a game where they can take control of the legendary barbarian in a story-focused adventure, and now it seems that they will have the chance.
Over the next few years, there is going to be a serious rise in Conan content, and the character will be front and centre in the mainstream. The Netflix series and the new title from Funcom are likely to promote one another and drum up more interest.

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