A Guide To Moving House For The Uncomplicated Person

Sometimes we can overthink a problem or task and make it unnecessarily complex. One of the more stressful tasks to tackle is that of moving houses. This quick and simple guide aims to make sure you don’t get bogged down by overthinking and that you can ensure your move is as straightforward as possible.

Packing Up
When it comes to packing your stuff up, start early. You can do a box a night if you start early enough and when moving day comes, you’ll wonder what everyone makes such a fuss about. You can essentially pack up 90% of your home in the weeks running up to moving day and still live comfortably on the few things you leave out. Even kitchenware can be packed up in its majority. Leave yourself a plate or two, a few mugs, knives and forks, and you’ll get by happily. Don’t forget to keep a marker pen at hand to jot a quick note on each box to make offloading them into your new home easier, too. Label boxes either by room, or with their contents so you know exactly where to put them once you move in.

Downsizing? No Problem
People downsize homes all the time and for many different reasons. Maybe you’re moving away from housemates and need less space, moving to a more expensive location, or even buying your first house which may be smaller than one you’re renting. Whatever the reason, this doesn’t have to be bad or difficult to handle. This is the perfect time for you to get rid of any unwanted items that won’t fit in your new place.

If taking these items to the tip is too laborious, (and trust us, getting a sofa into your car is a pain!) you can arrange for a bulky waste collection from your local council. Leave the items outside your property the night before and it’ll be gone the next day! If there are some things that you just can’t let go of, why not move them into self-storage? Companies like Easy Access Self Storage can provide you with a great solution to safely and securely store those items that may be of use to you in the future. Or it can just serve as a good place to keep your stuff during the process of moving home.

The Moving Process
Before you’re all packed and ready to go, put a quick bit of thought into how you’ll be transporting your stuff. It’s all well and good if you have your own vehicle or some friends and family to help you move things across, but if you’re looking to move further afield, you’ll probably want to hire some help. There are professional companies out there that will not only ferry your belongings to your new place, but there are some that will even do the packing part for you! Of course, that option will be pricier but if you really want to hand this whole process over to someone else, you can.


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