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A Guide to Buying A Second-hand Motorhome

You’ll find plenty of reasons to buy a motorhome, motorhome or motorhome if you are interested in camping and travelling. You can travel on a whim or take extended vacations, save money on accommodation, and park in a remote area.

What if you don’t have the budget to buy one of those new shiny, all-inclusive vans at motorhome events? Purchasing a second-hand motorhome in the UK will be wise, and you should look for used motorhomes for sale by Oaktree Motorhomes to recoup your money.

A Guide to Buying A Second-hand Motorhome

Buying a Second Hand Motorhomes

Although second-hand motorhomes can be cheaper if you don’t know about them.

These are the top tips to help you pick the right motorhome. This is everything you need to know to purchase your second-hand campervan or motorhome a success.

Choose The Type of Motorhome

Motorhomes are easy to fall for the glitz and popularity. Make critical decisions about the type of motorhome you want and how it will fit your needs.

You can decide whether you want a coach-built or A-class van conversion. The motorhome is a smaller vehicle with camping facilities but not full bathrooms. You can also choose from A-class or American coach-built models if you want something more extensive.

Do you travel solo? Are you travelling together? As a couple? What about pets?

You must consider other factors, such as where you plan to keep your motorhome. This will also affect your annual motorhome insurance premium.

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Think About Budget

Spending money as much as possible on your first motorhome is a good idea. You should not spend more than you can afford on your first motorhome. This is to allow for minor emergencies and to fit any accessories. You can find the accessories at most motorhome dealers.

Do Your Research

You can read specialist publications, online reviews, and comments. If you spoke with the owners, attend shows… Be prepared to receive good, sound advice and negative comments.

It is worth taking your time before buying a second-hand motorhome. Some people wait years before leaping.

You can also rent a motorhome for a few weeks to test it out before you commit.

Equipment Needed for A Motorhome

Motorhomes today come with all the amenities you would expect in your home, plus at least four wheels. The good idea is to create a list of all the items and types you need. Also, make sure you include those you don’t want. You should comprise heating (blown air) on your list. radiator? ); hot water; heating facilities; refrigerator/freezer capacity; overall storage (are you bringing any particular items with you on your travels?) ); and many more.

Remember that some of these items are retro-adjustable, so don’t forget to add or upgrade them. This includes extras such as bike racks and awnings, solar panels, sat-navs, reversing camera systems, TV receiver equipment, etc.

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Learn The Lingo

It pays to be familiar with the terminology. A good dealer will always be available to assist you, but it is essential not to expect to explain everything in minutes. Learn the basics.

Do A Thorough Inspection

Instant impressions are just as important as when you buy a house. You only know your preferences, so ask questions about any vehicle you are interested in inspecting.

  • The kitchen appliances: How easy is it to use, how well organised is the storage, and how ample is the worktop?
  • Make the beds to test their size, comfort, support, and shape. Also, check out where your bedding will be kept.
  • General storage (to store any items that you wish to bring on your tour)
  • Seating (for travel and on-site)
  • Washroom (Is it only for emergencies, or will you use the facilities frequently?
  • You can find out more. You can find out more about fresh and wastewater capacities, including the location of tanks, gas systems (replaceable or permanent cylinders), and how to store them.

Perfection? You can expect the best…

Details are also devilish. Is there any DIY work? Is it possible to explain why? Do you see any chips, scuffs or markings that might show carelessness to previous owners?

There are many reasons to stop working, like cracks in the shower tray, holes in the work surface, and misapplied sealants.

Many motorhome dealers will also promise to correct any wrongdoings once a sale has been made. It is best to get this in writing.

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It’s Time to Haggle

Dealers hate the word “haggle”. Be wary of the term “haggle”. If you aren’t a professional salesperson, there may only be one winner. You might ask about accessories for your motorhome, such as an awning, bike rack, or complimentary servicing.

Remember the old saying: If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We don’t think you need to deposit a considerable amount to secure the deal. You can always pay the minimum amount in case things go wrong.

Your Dealer? Your Friend?

You also need to be satisfied with after-sales support. A top motorhome dealer will have a lot of experience and staff well versed in all aspects of motorhome ownership. The National Caravan Council approves many of these dealers.

Good dealers will allow you to make your own decisions and not push you into making a purchase too soon.

Check All Documentation Before Driving

It is essential to have all the documents that show servicing records, repair and warranty work, and any additional accessories. This will give you a good sign of the previous owners’ care.

As you get closer to buying the motorhome you want, ask for a test drive. It can intimidate you into driving a motorhome if you have never done so. But don’t worry, you will soon become comfortable with the size and how it handles. Be aware of any unwanted rattles in the living areas and ensure you have your driving license to verify the vehicle size you are legally allowed to drive.

After you leap, ensure that you have specialist motorhome insurance.

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Final words

Check all systems before buying a second-hand motorhome. This includes the refrigerator, battery, and sanitary. Take the time to find a comfortable motorhome for you and your family.

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