A distraught boy’s sister, 13 years old, stabbed in a “murder case” “Sorry, I failed you”, police quiz 5th generation

The broken-hearted sister of a 13-year-old boy who was stabbed apologized for “failing him” as police officers continued to quiz five teens about the murder.

Oliver Stevens was reportedly beaten with a knife behind his neck in a lush suburban field in Reading yesterday.


Oliver Stevens was killed yesterday in the field near Reading


His sister Emilia pays homage to her “angel”

He was declared tragically dead on the scene of Emmer Green, the field of Bugs Bottom.

Four boys and girls aged 13 and 14 were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy in detention for murder.

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Oliver’s sister Emilia Stevens now says in honor of her brother: “I’m sorry I made you fail. I wish I could have saved you from everything.

“We give justice to my angels for you.”

She posted two inspiring images of Oliver next to the post-including one of him as a baby.


Oliver fears he was killed in a revenge attack

Oliver, also known as Olly, was a student at the High Down School and Sixth Form Center.

They today confirmed that the students remained “rewound” from the tragic news.

Principal Rachel Cave said: “This student is part of our community and many students and staff knew him well.

“Ending life at such a young age is a complete tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

“Many people are strongly affected by this tragedy. Under normal circumstances, we open schools and welcome students before the beginning of the semester.

“We can’t do this right now, of course, but we’re arranging counseling support and planning to create a condolence ebook. Highdown is a collaborative and close community that will work together over the next few days to weeks. I will continue. “

A flower tribute was offered to Oliver in the scene following the “totally meaningless” murder.

One card says: “Fly high ollie, I love you, night.

Another reading: “Dear Olly, too early, you were a very nice young man. Loved by many. I will send love to your family in this sad time.”


Compliments left on the scene todayCredit: London News Pictures

Murder detectives from the Thames Valley police major criminal team were drawn in after a knife attack.

A police cordon was thrown around Gravel Hill Road as a forensic officer searched for clues and a detective in plain clothes conducted a house-to-house investigation.

Horrible neighbors today revealed their shock to the murder of teens in the lush suburbs of Berkshire.

One said, “This is a really great area. I’ve lived here for nearly 30 years and I’ve never seen anything like this.

“The Bugs Bottomfield is an area where we walk often, as many people around here do.”

“Last year was a terrible year, but it’s already happening now. I can’t imagine what the victim’s family is feeling,” said Sue Boughton, 77.

“I know it was a young teen who was stabbed,” said one local.

“Am I desperately saddened by young parents (what they have to experience) right after Christmas and into the New Year?

“It’s a real tragedy. I’ve never heard of what caused the attack, but the fact that the scene is on the field is very rare.”

Police are currently seeking information and are asking witnesses to come forward.

Det Supt Brown said: “This is a widely used area for dog walkers. I’m sure some witnesses to this horrific incident and some have seen criminals leave the area soon.

“People who are driving or cycling in the area and have a dashcam or head camera can see the footage from 3 pm to 4:30 pm and may find useful in this survey. Please contact me if you have one.

“Similarly, many families are walking in the area, so if anyone took pictures in the area at that time, check them out and contact us if you find anything suspicious.”

You can also cite the January 3rd Incident Reference 1069 and contact the 101 24-hour hotline, or anonymously call the independent charity Crimestoppers at 0800 555111.


Police on the scene of Emergreen todayCredit: Simon Jones-The Sun


Aerial view of the field where the boy was killedCredit: London News Pictures


Investigation of the murder case has begunCredit: Simon Jones-The Sun


Police are suing witnessesCredit: PA: Press Association


Ambulance at the “serious incident” scene last nightCredit: 2021PeterManning


Forensic detective in the fieldCredit: 2021PeterManning


Emergency personnel carry what looks like a proof bagCredit: 2021PeterManning

A distraught boy’s sister, 13 years old, stabbed in a “murder case” “Sorry, I failed you”, police quiz 5th generation

SourceA distraught boy’s sister, 13 years old, stabbed in a “murder case” “Sorry, I failed you”, police quiz 5th generation

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