A 37-year-old man who was imprisoned 22 years ago for “murdering his mother” appealed to the State Supreme Court

NS Missouri A 37-year-old man sentenced to death at the age of 14 after police said he did not show feelings because his mother was lying dead on the floor as the State Supreme Court was considering his case. ..

Michael Politt, a lawyer convicted at the age of 14 for murdering his mother, last week asked the Missouri Supreme Court to release him behind a prison for more than 22 years.

Rita Politt was burned at the stake in a mobile home in Hopewell, Missouri in 1998. Prosecutors alleged that Michael Politt used a dull object to hit his mother’s head, igniting the house and burning it at the stake.

Police said he noticed that gasoline was found in his sneakers. Investigators believe that gasoline was also used to ignite her.

The alleged petrol traces found on Michael’s sneakers were the only physical evidence that linked Michael to the crime.

Today, Missouri officials admit that the evidence used to convict Polit was flimsy.

In 2016, a lab report determined that Michael’s sneakers were gas-free. Instead, they were the chemicals commonly found in the rubber parts of shoes.

Currently, legal experts state that Michael Politt is not properly represented by his lawyer and that the case in which the prosecutor used him to convict is flawed.

After being tried as an adult, Politt was convicted of a second murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Michael Politt went to jail for murdering his mother as a 14-year-old boy (left).Currently, he is 37 years old and is serving life imprisonment while maintaining innocence.

Rita Politt was burned at the stake in a mobile home in Hopewell, Missouri in 1998 (photographed with Michael).

Polit said he and his friend found his mother’s burning body in the bedroom of a mobile home when he and his friend tried to escape (pictured).

He is housed in the Jefferson City Orthodontic Center.

“They put themselves in my position on how they feel and how I should act at the stake in finding my mother burned at the stake. It wasn’t their taste … so in their eyes I was guilty, “Polit said. USA Today..

In his trial, one of the investigators testified that the young Michael was behaving normally, not worrying about what had happened. [had shown] There are no visible signs of remorse. “

However, legal experts say there is no scientific basis for the testimony that police officers tried to read the emotions of a traumatized boy.

“The prosecutor shouldn’t have been admitted as evidence because there’s no science behind it,” said Steven Drizin, a professor of clinical law at Northwestern University and co-director of the false accusation center.

“Sometimes trauma can lead us to act in some sort of flat effect, or in something that may be perceived as a non-emotional way,” he said.

“And that doesn’t mean they’re guilty, and it doesn’t mean that it’s the basis for raising fever during interrogation.”

The defense argued that the state did not provide motivation for Polit to kill her mother.Many of the cases were based on the testimony of a fire investigator who stated that the fire started with gasoline, and investigators determined that Politt had gasoline in his shoes, which has been disproved.

Michael and his sister (pictured together, above) have always claimed that he is innocent.Lawyers alleged that investigators ignored other potential suspects, including Politt’s father (bottom right), who had undergone a controversial divorce with Rita.

“They turned to me right away,” Politt said.

“They simply guessed I was responsible because I was the only living person in my house other than (his friend).

“And they started analyzing my behavior.”

In September, the Missouri Court of Appeals refused to hear Politt’s proceedings and urged a request to the State Supreme Court.

“Rita Polit deserves justice,” the court motion said.

“But she’s not the only victim here. Her family, including her then 14-year-old and now growing son Michael, is not to mention the illegal acts they know of. Victims of the state who did not properly investigate and prosecute the murderer.

“This court can finally bring peace to this family.”

In addition to seeking the release of Polit, his lawyer is seeking the appointment of a preliminary hearing or expert advisor to investigate the case.

“Basically, we believe Mike has been convicted on the basis of false evidence and should be released,” Polit’s lawyer Megan Crane said in a telephone interview.

“Everyone knows it’s wrong. Even the state admits it’s wrong.”

Michael was the only suspect, despite the fact that his mother and father had just come out of a fierce divorce.

Polit’s lawyer is trying to release him, citing currently disproved evidence, false investigations, and defenses of flawed trials.

When the police and fire marshal arrived at the scene, Polit asked the sheriff’s police how his mother died. He wondered if she had torn her throat or died violently in some other way.

Investigators testified that he suspected Michael because his mother died of a head injury.

Questions, lack of emotion, and the reputation of young Michael around the town as a “fireworm” led law enforcement officials to focus on him.

“The other cops immediately focused on Michael and thought he was guilty because he didn’t think he was telling the truth, and they thought he was behaving strangely.” Said Tammy Nash, a former Deputy Sheriff of Washington County who worked on the case.

Nash filed an affidavit with the Supreme Court, stating: Michael was a 14-year-old child whose mother had just died.

“I wondered how they expected him to act after this trauma.”

Michael was also the focus of the investigation, even though his mother was threatened by his father a week before the court approved a significant financial settlement against him due to the divorce.

Michael’s father handed over his son to the sheriff’s office within days of his mother’s death.

Michael continued to protest his innocence, claiming he was “framed.” He also demanded a lawyer.

According to Michael’s lawyer, “Michael has become the prime suspect.”

“Police misunderstood him because he misunderstood his reaction to the trauma of finding his mother’s burning body as evidence of guilt, deception, and ultimately what the state called a ruthless cold heart. I doubted. “

At the trial, Michael’s lawyer did not call a witness who could testify to his innocence because he did not fit the story decided on the morning of the murder, “he said.

“His lawyer did not consult or present a single expert, despite the state’s reliance on scientific evidence that the lawyer had no knowledge or experience,” he said. I am reading the documents submitted by the lawyer’s State Supreme Court.

“The defense counsel did not call on anyone in Michael’s family to testify in his defense, and the defense counsel gave Michael to testify despite his urgent desire to explain his innocence. I didn’t prepare or call. “

It took the jury over four hours to return the conviction.

Last week, a jury who helped put him in jail came out arguing that he was innocent and should be released.

“If I knew what I knew now, I wouldn’t have been convicted,” Linda Dickerson Bell wrote in an affidavit.

Dickerson Bell, who appeared as the second jury from Politt’s murder trial and publicly expressed regret for convicting him, said other juries had pressured him to convict him. ..

Polit said in a statement in August that he was put in jail for a judicial system “supervised by defective humans.”

The petition said Polit and his friends were asleep when they woke up to the smoke early on December 5, 1998.

Polit said he and his friend found his mother’s burning body in her bedroom as she tried to escape. She also suffered a blunt trauma.

In 2017, jury Jonathan Peterson wrote in an affidavit that he did not think that “justice was provided” when Politt was convicted.

Peterson wrote that he was “uncertain” that Polit had committed the murder, but claimed he had been found guilty because the judge pressured the jury to return the verdict.

Before he went to trial, she said Polit refused the offer to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter with a 15-year sentence because he was innocent.

He would have regained his freedom ten years ago if he had accepted the judicial transaction, Politt said in a recent interview. St. Louis Public Radio..

“I didn’t kill my mother,” he told the station.

A 37-year-old man who was imprisoned 22 years ago for “murdering his mother” appealed to the State Supreme Court

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