A 19-year-old army officer marries two fathers, 42 years older.

A teenager who married two 61-year-old fathers says his parents welcomed him to his family, even though he called the police the first time he met.

Gendarmerie Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon, 19, met her husband Kevin, 61, for the first time on January 9, 2020 on the dating site Badoo.

There was an age difference of 42 years between them, but she was initially fascinated by his career, saying he was also a veteran working in the Kempeitai.

Within a few months of chatting online, they were officially a couple and both said they “love”. In July 2020, Audrey and Kevin from Modesto California, Officially met in person and shared their first kiss.

Unconventional: 19-year-old military officer Audrey Cheyenne-Smiley Moon opens about her age-difference romance with her 42-year-old senior husband Kevin.

Overcoming Obstacles: Audrey and Kevin, 61, from Modesto, California, met on the dating site Badoo in January 2020 and soon fell to each other.

“Love at first sight”: I talked online for 6 months and shared my first kiss before meeting for the first time in July 2020.

“I was excited and nervous to see him,” Audrey recalled. “He still talks about the day he turned to me with that passion.

“Kevin made the first move. He picked up my face and gave the first kiss when we first met.

“We can really agree that it was love at first sight.”

Neither Audrey nor Kevin have had anything to do with such a big age difference, but I believe it doesn’t matter because of the many commonalities and deep ties.

“Our first conversation was about the army, and he asked questions about me, and we became very open to each other,” Audrey said. “We talked about everything together.

“Kevin also looks very handsome to me.

“What makes our relationship so wonderful and perfect is our growing love for each other.”

Prior to meeting Audrey, Cemex dispatcher Kevin was married for 19 years and has two children, 16 and 23 years old.

His children support the relationship and are delighted to see how happy the pair is.

Kevin was older than Audrey’s parents, 38 and 43, so he initially kept his family relationship secret, but decided to talk to them last August.

Audrey said: “We were open about our relationships with our colleagues, but at first it was a secret from our family.

“I couldn’t cope with the stress I kept secret from my family, so he agreed to come see them.

Struggle: Audrey admits that she initially kept the relationship secret from her 38-year-old and 43-year-old parents, even though Audrey claimed to know that the couple intended to be together. Is

Trouble: When Audrey finally talked to her mom and dad about the relationship, they called the police to arrest Kevin-and were waiting for him to the cops at their first arranged meeting.

Connection: Despite the horrifying first reaction to her parents’ relationship, Audrey says they slowly approached her idea of ​​marriage

“My family told them about us in a bad way, so at first I was very hostile about seeing him.

“I sent them a text message while I wasn’t with him, and we went back to our parents’ house and the whole family and cops were waiting outside.

“It was scary at first, but Kevin was ready to support what he believed in, and now, after knowing him, my family really liked him.

“For three days, they yelled at him every time he came to see me and did everything he could to tell him how terrible he was to love me.

“He received it and has since proved to them that he really and deeply loves me.

“I haven’t heard any negative comments from strangers yet, but I know what they look like, but usually I don’t care. We focus on ourselves.”

On August 1, 2021, the couple eloped and married in a small chapel in Nevada.

Now they are planning their future together.

Audrey said: “Most of the time, we talk about taking dreams home, giving birth to babies, and living happily.

“He wants to be a stay-at-home husband and see our baby while I work. He can pursue a woodworking hobby.

“He wants to cook and clean for me until I get home. Then we spend time as a family.

“We want to travel in an RV. We want to get our favorite breed. The mine is Staffordshire American Terrier Pitbull. He wants St. Bernard.

“We just want to be together and never leave. We are eager to have a baby-it’s just finding the right time.

“Our life makes such dreams difficult, but we know that we will live our dreams in due course.”

Support: Audrey (pictured with his father, Kevin’s junior at the age of 43) is also welcomed by her husband’s two children, one of whom is older than her.

Future outlook: While Kevin is in California, military officers are currently stationed in the Middle East, but will move with them when they retire next year.

They are currently married, but Audrey works abroad in the Middle East and Kevin is at home in California, so they are still living apart. When Kevin retires next year, they will move with him.

Audrey said:

“We are always very affectionate with each other, and when time gets tight, we try to focus on what we are fighting for. We talk about the future we can do together when we run out of time.

“I still see him with pure love and joyful eyes, and he sees me the same. Sometimes we become very happy and start crying.

“I love how passionate and patient he is. He is also a very kind person and very kind. He has a very pure and affectionate soul.

“People of my age are very uncaring and selfish. Kevin is the exact opposite.

“He understands very well and just wants to do something for me.

“They focus on social media and follower acquisition.

“People do everything to like these days. I and Kevin are not. We are very kind, selfless and selfless people, and before we help ourselves, we and each other. I love helping people around me.

Audrey, who describes himself as an old soul, added:

“He is my soulmate and it’s worth the fight. Love is endless and indescribable.

“Kevin and I want to show the world that we are not in a typical Sugar Daddy or Gold Digger relationship.

“We really love each other because of who we are and what we are doing for each other.”

Kevin said:’When I first saw her profile, I thought she was a cute girl, but I wasn’t looking for a young girl, she was just a talking friend.

“I was actually looking around my area and was 30-50 years old. Her profile shouldn’t have been shown. Something told me to look at it, and something I did because I told me to like it.

“I found a new best friend and fell in love with my best friend.”

A 19-year-old army officer marries two fathers, 42 years older.

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