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8 Effective Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Essay writing is a skill that anyone can learn to execute once they know the basics of writing. A good essay should have a solid and debatable thesis that stems from research. To write an impeccable essay, you need guidelines and basic principles in academic writing. This way, you can create competitive papers even if you are strapped for time. This article will guide you through some practical ways that you can follow to polish your essay writing skills.

8 Effective Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

1.    Read extensively

Highly qualified essay writers and orators attest that the secret to excellent writing is reading. Look for essays in your desired genre and read extensively about them. It can be science fiction, history, or classical literature; whatever floats your boat. Reading helps iron out a lot of issues on sentence structure and grammar. Actively reading papers and journals also helps you recreate and reuse ideas that stay imprisoned in books. You can get samples of well-written essays from your professor, which can improve your writing skills. As Joan Young, an essay expert at Advanced Writers stated, “The more you read, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the more places you discover.”

2.    Write often

Reading and writing go hand in hand. Do not, however, write anything, anyhow. Write with a purpose. Whether it is short essays, timed essays, or essays for competitions, writing often tunes your skills for being competitive. Getting into the habit of writing carelessly also makes your essay writing permanently stressful. It would help if you, therefore, practiced using a straightforward process and structure. If you struggle with piecing your ideas together, you probably suffer from “writer’s block,” which disappears with practice. Writing is a process that starts with outlining ideas and brainstorming, so you, therefore, need a pre-writing strategy that works. However, when you have some troubles with writing, you may need some kind of assignment help https://uk.liuxuesavior.com/assignmentdaixie/.

3.    Understand your assignment

The best essay writers take time to understand their assignment, as this solves the bulk of the task at hand. Always have the main argument at the back of your mind when writing something. When presenting evidence, all your theories should be backing up the central idea. Only use the vital points to make a connection point with your research. Do not shy away from asking your professor for clarity. It is better to ask and get an informative direction.

4.    Make an outline

One of the most complex parts of writing is staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what one is going to pen down. Pro essay writers start by developing a solid plan of what they want to write. Your outline should not be complex but should be a framework of some sentences that carry the main idea from each section. It will be the roadmap to guide you through the process and if you feel lost, refer back to the roadmap. The overarching idea from the outline is ever-present to help you from straying away.

5.    Organize your ideas

It would help if you grouped your ideas depending on how relatable they are. Most writers segment them into three piles, each one representing something from the main idea. You can group your ideas chronologically depending on the time sequences. Some writers use political, social, and economic themes from social studies and others shift their groupings on how a topic affects individuals, societies, and nations. Another way of grouping ideas is through the background research conducted on a project, the analysis of the results, and the conclusions. There are different ways of organizing your thoughts, but your custom method should create a clear connection to all the themes covered in your essay.

6.    Writing the body of your essay

Now that you have grouped your ideas, it is time to write the essay. It is good practice to start with the essay’s body and write the introduction and conclusion last. The main points of your introduction and conclusion are developed as you are writing the essay. You will also draw the primary purpose to use in your introduction and conclusion from the body of your essay. The ideas in the body of your essay should be in a logical order. You can use the order of importance, order of construction, or other unique ways that fit your topic.

7.    Eliminate unnecessary words

Some writers use filler words and complex words in an attempt to sound more authoritative on a subject. However, this only confuses the readers. In most cases, shorter sentences have a more significant impact compared to longer ones. As a writer, you, therefore, need a solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure. Here you can employ proper pronouns and articles that agree with your subject. The voice in your writing is also essential. Try to use a dynamic sound instead of a passive one. The more concise your sentences are, the easier it is to understand your work. You should also avoid unnecessary transition words that do not add value to your argument.

8.    Get feedback

Feedback should not just be from others, but you can develop the skill of judging the work yourself. It is sometimes intimidating getting negative feedback on something that you have worked on for long. However, the central idea for getting feedback is knowing your essay is anchored in the right direction. Input from others also allows you to have an impartial view of your work.

Editing your work is also tricky because you might overlook some errors.  However, someone who is not familiar with your work can instantaneously point out the errors. You can use your friends or teachers as editors for your work and get comments. You can also use writing centers or hire top-rated academic writers. At the end of the day, whichever route you choose to follow, you should be on the way to improving your writing habits.

Getting feedback is good, but in the process, try to learn how to improve and edit your work as much as possible slowly.


You now have the most practical ways to improve your skills in essay writing. Making a conscious effort in that direction will give you the best results. Develop suitable writing structures and templates for the best results in your writing.


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