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7 Ways To Decorate Your House Walls

Sprucing up your home doesn’t have to mean completely renovating it. Instead, you can simply try adding décor to the walls themselves and create a unique room without breaking the bank. Here are 7 ways you can decorate your walls and have the home of your dreams.

  1. Radiators

Radiators, though functional, can be used as an accessory. Try installing vertical radiators to really add a touch of elegance to the walls.They’ll also bring height to the room by drawing the eye upwards, creating a spacious feeling. You could look at cast iron radiators too to emulate a vintage style and give your walls some intrigue. Not many people use them nowadays, but their retro style is classic and looks great with a multitude of interior designs.

  1. Art Wall

Having all your walls bare bar one can really make a statement. Try filling one wall with different framed pieces of art and pictures. Creating a gallery wall will captivate your guests and liven up the room. Experiment with different types and colours when it comes to the frames too. Don’t be afraid of throwing a gold, ornate frame into the mix.

  1. Accent Wall

Wood panelling is a project you can do yourself to really transform your walls. They’re low effort but can completely revive a room. The use of panelling can be associated with vintage styles, but you can make it your own by incorporating geometric shapes and bold colours to bring it into the modern-day. You don’t even have to go for real wood either. There are plenty of wood panel effect wallpaper options out there too. If you don’t like the wood finish, you can also opt for a wallpaper accent wall. From floral patterns toperfect pastels, there are numerous wallpaper options available out there.

  1. Statement Pieces

If you don’t want to completely fill your walls with lots of different art, you can refine the idea and have one piece but on a large scale. Centering a great piece of art on the bare wall can create a simple, yet refined look.

  1. Shelving

Another great addition to blank walls is shelves. Not only will they add layers to the room, but they’ll also bring a new sense of décor as you can style them with anything you like. Try adding flowy indoor plants or books to them, and you’ll see your walls come alive.

  1. Textiles

When it comes to hanging pieces on your walls, you aren’t limited to just paintings and pictures. Look at adding fabrics like a tapestry or even a macramé piece. Adding different textures to the walls will produce a finished, complete room.

  1. Mirrors

Keeping your walls bare can actually close off a room, so you could try hanging mirrors to open up the space. You could go for an oversized one to brighten up the room or you could try a number of smaller ones to create aninteresting reflective wall.

Bringing new décor to your walls can uplift the atmosphere of the room and also let your personality shine. You don’t need to limit yourself either, you could hang your favourite dishes using plate hangers if you wanted to. Try to think like a magpie and add all the pretty, shiny things you like to your walls and display them proudly.

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