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7 benefits of dried flowers

1. Dry flowers are sustainable

We gave it away a bit earlier, but dried flowers are incredibly sustainable. If you regularly purchase new flowers for your home and are looking for a more nature-friendly alternative, dried flowers are the way to go.

The bouquets are 100% natural, last longer than normal flowers (often at least a year) and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint because less transportation is required.

2. Dry flowers require no care

This is especially an advantage for anyone without the gift of green fingers. Dried flowers require no water and require no care. This is ideal if you go on vacation often (gets a little tricky at this time, unfortunately, but okay) or if your flowers often don’t last long and you want to enjoy your bunch for longer than a week.

3. Dry flowers are good for your wallet

Dry flowers can’t wilt, in other words. This means that you can use a bunch for much longer and it will cost you much less. A bunch of dried flowers costs about the same as a normal bunch of flowers, but you’ll save money because you won’t have to buy a new bouquet as often. And if you want to save money altogether: you can also dry the flowers yourself!

4. Dry flowers are available year-round.

This is another advantage, especially if your favorite flowers are not on sale all year round. Since all the flowers are dried and they last a long time, you can have a bouquet of your favorite flowers in your home all year round. There are a total of about 35 varieties of flowers that are “dryable. In fact, some flowers dry better than others. Dried flowers are also an amazing mother’s day flowers to give away to a family member or friend.

5. Dry flowers look like works of art

Let’s face it, dried flowers look incredibly cute. They are like works of art because of the rustic and minimalist style they bring. You can completely customize a bouquet, so you can choose a busy and vibrant bouquet, or a subtle and minimalist one. They look beautiful anyway, because they don’t droop or get discolored leaves like real flowers.

6. You can put dried flowers anywhere

Do you have a spot in your home where no bunch or plant survives? Then that’s probably the perfect place for dried flowers. Since dried flowers don’t wilt, they can be anywhere. In draft, out of draft, in sun, out of sun etc. Super nice!

7. You can dry flowers yourself

Perhaps the best thing about dried flowers is that they make you super creative. In fact, you can choose to dry flowers yourself! The perfect pastime in times of corona.

Collect flowers a few days before they peak and hang them upside down. Make sure you remove the bottom leaves, that the flowers touch each other as little as possible (if you are hanging a bunch) and that you hang them in a dark, damp room (the basement, for example). Good luck!


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