£ 5m Launched to Support Suicide Prevention Services

  • Financing helps these services meet the growing demand from the pandemic
  • £ 4m Suicide Prevention Grant Supports Suicide Prevention Services in Voluntary Communities and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sectors
  • Grants focused on supporting high-risk groups such as children and adolescents and people with existing mental health

People who are experiencing or approaching suicidal ideation will be supported by a £ 5 million boost to suicide prevention charities, followed by increased demand during the pandemic.

In the suicide prevention voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector, the number of individuals seeking help has increased. For some services, we received up to 20% more contacts than last year.

Recognizing rising pressure, a £ 4m grant will be held next week for an application from a VCSE organization to help prevent suicide.

This support is targeted at the most struggling and high-risk groups during the pandemic, including people with existing mental illness, children and adolescents, the NHS, and social welfare staff who have faced significant pressure in the last 18 months. .. , And those who are in contact with the criminal justice system.

This funding will provide the organization with additional resources to launch new projects or extend or maintain current services to ensure that people are supported. The remaining £ 1m is reserved to support existing and ongoing voluntary sector suicide prevention programs.

Mental Health Minister Gillian Keegan said:

I know that the last 18 months have been really difficult and more people are seeking mental health help.

To be clear, we are here to support those who are struggling. If you need help, we encourage you to contact us.

The entire suicide prevention voluntary sector has played an important role in providing people with the support and support they need throughout the pandemic. We encourage you to apply for this funding so that we can continue to support the community.

The fund will enable suicide prevention organizations to continue to provide support to all who need it, in addition to the £ 10.2 million already provided to mental health charities during the pandemic process. increase.

More broadly, the £ 500m-backed Mental Health Recovery Action Plan ensures that appropriate support is provided to people with a variety of mental health conditions most affected by the pandemic.

The £ 200,000 grant will support small community groups and organizations that play an important role in addressing local needs, especially at ring fences to give communities across the country access to suicide prevention support. Be surrounded.

Earlier this year, the government released the latest progress report against the national suicide prevention strategy. It updates the intergovernmental suicide prevention work program to reduce suicide as much as possible. The actions taken during the pandemic to reduce suicide as much as possible are:

  • With the accelerating rollout of 24/7 service for all ages, anyone in urgent need can quickly access these services.
  • The NHSE incorporates a comprehensive package of emotional, psychological, and hands-on support for NHS staff, including specific helplines and text services for counseling and support.

Along with the NHS service, the VCSE sector is important for providing support to people, which is why the government is supporting them to continue to provide projects that save their lives.

Professor Louis Appleby, a government adviser on national suicide prevention strategies, said:

The reaction of suicide prevention charities to the pandemic was remarkable. They were one of the first to react to the pain that many felt. They have made tireless efforts to support people who are anxious, isolated, or at risk. They were an irreplaceable partner for the NHS.

All of this pushed their resources to the limit in times when it was difficult to raise money from the public. This grant opportunity recognizes their contributions.

Background information

  • VCSE grants are managed by PwC on behalf of DHSC according to the open bidding process.
  • A panel of experts will evaluate the application and decide who to fund. The panel will include experts and experienced people in the suicide prevention department.
  • The VCSE Grant Fund application portal will open on December 2, 2021.
  • You can find a breakdown of the £ 500m funding announced in March here
  • If you need support, NHS website

£ 5m Launched to Support Suicide Prevention Services

Source£ 5m Launched to Support Suicide Prevention Services

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