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55-year-old man sent to morgue ‘while he was alive’ and ‘tried to get out of body bag’

One patient may have been taken to the morgue while still alive and tried to get out of the body bag, doctors said.

Doctors examined 55-year-old Kevin Reed and found him dead the next day, but his eyes were open. There was blood on his gown and his body position was moving.


Kevin Reed claims he was transported alive from hospital ward to morgueCredit: 7News
The alleged blunder in an Australian hospital


The alleged blunder in an Australian hospitalCredit: 7News

He now alleges to the coroner that hospital staff tried to cover up this horrific mistake by backdating the date on the death certificate, but he refused. Business news report.

In his complaint, he alleges Reed, a palliative care patient at Rockingham General Hospital in the West. Australia He was pronounced dead on September 5 by a ward nurse.

Final ceremonies were performed and the body was prepared before being moved to the morgue a few hours later.

Since no doctor was called to certify death, which is standard procedure, the doctor was asked to issue one and went to see the body.

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But when he runs into Mr. Reid, he is stunned by what he sees. His eyes were open and there was fresh blood from the cut on his arm, the other arm over his right shoulder.

“I don’t think the new skin lacerations, the position of the arm, and the frank blood from the eye signs are consistent with someone who was post-mortem when he arrived at the morgue,” a doctor told the coroner last week. .

The problem became apparent when funeral directors questioned the death certificate date of September 6, but when he was told he died on September 5, the man’s family was present. I was.

The doctor who made the complaint is now out of the hospital.

A state coroner’s office spokeswoman confirmed an investigation was ongoing.

“After being notified of the death of a 55-year-old man by doctors at Rockingham Hospital, the coroner’s court on Monday, October 3, launched an inquiry into whether the death was reportable,” it said. she said.

“The court has not made any of these investigations public.”

South Metropolitan Health Service’s Paul Foden said an experienced nurse examined Reid on Sept. 5 and found no signs of life.

However, there was no doctor who could certify death if necessary.

The Foden clinician he spoke with said signs identified by morgue doctors were “not uncommon.”

“The doctor was asked to consider whether he was prepared to set the time of death to the day before the nurse assessed the death. The doctor declined.

“Doctors have properly raised some concerns with the coroner’s office. I do not seek to suppress medical professionals who raise concerns.

“The investigation is about postmortem protocols for the patient, not whether the patient has died.”

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https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/20032259/man-sent-morgue-alive-get-out-of-bodybag/ 55-year-old man sent to morgue ‘while he was alive’ and ‘tried to get out of body bag’

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