53% of companies remain exposed to supply chain attacks-

Acronis Cyber ​​Readiness Report 2021 Reveals Critical Security Gap

Acronis, Global leader Cyber ​​protectionHas released its annual Cyber ​​Preparation Report. It provides a comprehensive overview of today’s cybersecurity landscape and the key challenges facing businesses and remote employees around the world in a pandemic. According to last year’s Acronis survey, more than 80% of global companies admit that they are not ready to move to remotework. It identifies key vulnerabilities that require companies to quickly plan and implement solutions.

Based on the results of this year’s independent survey of 3,600 IT managers and remote employees in SMEs in 18 countries around the world, 53% of global companies have false reassurance about their supply chains. It states that it is. attack. Despite globally recognized attacks on trusted software vendors such as Kaseya and SolarWinds, more than half of IT leaders have adequate protection and ease with “known trusted software”. I think it will be a target for.

The amount and sophistication of attacks is increasing

Three out of ten companies, like last year, report facing cyberattacks at least once a day. But this year, only 20% of companies reported not being attacked, down from 32% in 2020. This means that the amount of attacks is increasing.

  • The most common types of attacks, including phishing attacks, reached record highs this year. This continues to grow in frequency and is currently the top attack type at 58%. Malware attacks also increased in 2021. This year it was detected in 36.5% of companies, up from 22.2% in 2020.
  • However, this year was a fishing year. Demand for URL filtering solutions has increased tenfold since 2020, with 20% of global companies recognizing the risks that phishing poses to their businesses.
  • Despite growing awareness of multi-factor authentication (MFA), nearly half (47%) of IT managers do not use MFA solutions, exposing their businesses to phishing attacks. According to these findings, they find it unvalued or too complex to implement.

In response, organizations around the world are beginning to prepare for growing threats, but cybercriminals have already taken three steps in every step a company is taking.

  • Demand for antivirus solutions increased by 30%, from 43% last year to 73.3% in 2021. However, companies have discovered that standalone antivirus solutions have ceased to work against the latest threats. There was a demand for integrated backup / disaster recovery. Antivirus solutions have more than doubled, from 19% in 2020 to 47.9% this year.
  • The demand for vulnerability assessment and patch management has increased significantly. From 26% in 2020 to 45% this year. This may be due, in part, to the increased amount of vulnerabilities exposed this year in critical in-core software deployments such as Microsoft Exchange servers, Chrome browsers, and Apache web servers.
  • Not surprisingly, the demand for better, more secure remote monitoring and management tools has more than tripled. It increased from 10% in 2020 to 35.7% this year. Remote work is now recognized as the long-term default work style, and more. It’s more important than ever to enable IT managers to monitor and manage a variety of remote devices.

last year’s Acronis Cyber ​​Readiness ReportWith increasing adoption of new services, especially SaaS and cloud computing services, enterprises continue to adopt new solutions this year. However, this increases the overall complexity of your IT environment and can lead to additional breaches and unplanned downtime in the future.

“The cybercrime industry has proven to be a well-anointed machine this year, relying on proven attack techniques such as phishing, malware and DDoS. Acronis Deputy Cyber ​​Protection Research “Few companies have taken the time to modernize their IT stack with integrated data protection and cybersecurity,” said Candid Wuest, president. “The threat situation continues to grow and continues to grow. Automation is the only way to increase security, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk. “

Remote employees create the most attractive targets

These Acronis findings and external findings address why organizations need cyber protection solutions that reduce complexity and improve security to support remote work environments, and to address the growing remote work force. Clearly explains why this solution should be cost effective.

  • One in four remote employees reported suffering from a lack of IT support as one of the key challenges they faced this year. Top three technical challenges identified by remote employees around the world: Wi-Fi connectivity, use of VPN and other security measures, lack of IT support.
  • Since one in four remote employees does not use multi-factor authentication, they are more likely to be targeted by phishing, and phishing was the most common attack type in 2021.
  • On average, one in five remote employees is targeted by phishing attacks and receives well over 20 phishing emails a month. 71% of respondents confirm that they are the target of phishing attacks every month. Learning how to identify such attacks through cybersecurity awareness training is critical to protecting your organization and personal property.
  • We have seen attackers actively expanding their target pools. This is no longer just a Microsoft Windows OS-based workload, but users have reported a surge in attacks on Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS devices. Attackers are also tracking virtualized environments more often.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals no longer need to be tech-savvy to cause confusion. Take malware, for example. Cybercriminal organizations have further extended the malware model as a service. This model provides a step-by-step guide on how to profit from compromised targets.

Despite the increasing risk of employees, remote work remains here. People will continue to work and hire remotely. This is a reality that most IT teams still need to be ready for. Finding solutions to hardware shortages, increasing complexity, increasing need for IT support, and better cybersecurity solutions. This is an existential crisis that companies must prepare for now. The potential cost of not doing so is too great.

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Platform with deeper insight into the industry

Remote work is well established and cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Therefore, it is the responsibility of both organizations and individuals to follow the best cyber protection practices available.

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53% of companies remain exposed to supply chain attacks-

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