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52 North Health, a Cambridge-based transformative medical device company, has received $ 1.4 million in additional funding to accelerate the development of NeutroCheck to improve the quality of life of chemotherapy patients who are at risk for neutropenic sepsis. in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and the UK Sepsi Trust.

Neutropenic sepsis (NS), which kills three people every day in England and Wales, is the first medical indication in which 52 North aims to use its revolutionary platform technology, through its NeutroCheck device.

Due to the risk of mortality associated with NS, all patients undergoing chemotherapy who are unwell are currently told to go straight to the emergency room, before receiving strong precautionary antibiotics and undergoing a full blood test, with half of patients subsequently found not at risk. All patients currently have to influence this decision is a thermometer, yet it is widely known that temperature alone is a very poor discriminator of sepsis.

NeutroCheck is a small, hand-held device that assesses a patient’s risk at home through blood puncture, helping doctors accurately assess patients, prioritizing those at risk, and allowing those not at risk to stay at home or instead of being seen in the community.

SBRI Healthcare, the NHS England-funded initiative and supported by the Academic Health Science Network, awarded 52 Phase 1 grants to the north in January 2021 and has now moved on to the $ 1.4 million Phase II award. 52 North ranked first among all applicants in both stages of the award process and attributes it to their diverse and multidisciplinary team.

Co-founded by a cancer doctor, patients have been at the heart of the product development process from the start and 52 North is partnering with leading Macmillan Cancer Support and UK Sepsis Trust charities to ensure that doctors, nurses and professionals healthcare allies, patients and caregivers fuel the product journey.

The 52 North platform enables the detection of both soluble and insoluble (cellular) biomarkers from a single biological sample using an easy-to-use, low-cost device and is supported by an app to help inform and empower patients.

The funding will be used to finalize the development of the NeutroCheck device, move it to production and conduct its clinical usability testing.

Dr Saif Ahmad, co-founder of 52 North, said, “We are privileged to have the support of the SBRI Healthcare program and are committed to working with our world-leading associates to realize our ambitions to improve patient care. of cancer. “

Tanya Humphreys, Head of Innovation Partnerships at Macmillan Cancer Support, added: “Neutropenic sepsis is a life-threatening condition and risk management can be very stressful for people with cancer, who are already facing all the challenges they face. a diagnosis may involve. But good care is a lifeline, not a luxury, and providing patients with the tools to better manage their care can be a key component in helping improve their quality of life. “

Dr. Ron Daniels, founder and joint CEO of The UK Sepsis Trust, said: “Current inefficiencies in the pathway for managing patients at risk for neutropenic sepsis contribute to both delays in lifesaving intravenous antibiotics and unnecessary use in patients. who don’t need it. Improving this path will not only save lives, but will also help reduce the burden of antimicrobial resistance. “

With interest from several NHS funds, Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge will be the primary site for clinical trials. The hospital’s division director for cancer services, Dr Hugo Ford, noted that “Addenbrooke hospital is motivated to improve cancer patient care and is happy to support this project.”

About 52 Northern Health

52 North Health is a dynamic and ambitious start-up based in Cambridge, founded in 2018 with a mission to bring healthcare closer to people through cost-effective and cutting-edge technology. NeutroCheck is an innovative point-of-care medical device in development by 52 North Health with the potential to significantly improve the safety and quality of life of cancer patients. For more information visit

Macmillan Cancer Support Information
At Macmillan, we give people with cancer everything we have. If you are diagnosed, your concerns are our concerns. We will move mountains to help you live life as fully as possible. And we don’t stop there. We will do whatever it takes. For information, support or just someone to talk to, call 0808 808 00 00 or visit

About The UK Sepsis Trust

Founded by Dr Ron Daniels in 2012, The UK Sepsis Trust’s mission is to save lives from sepsis and improve outcomes for survivors. It does this by educating health workers, raising public awareness, providing free support to those affected by this devastating condition, and instigating political change. The Trust works to protect and empower people by enabling the prevention of serious infections and the treatment of sepsis, while helping to ensure responsible use of antibiotics. Please visit for more information.

Media inquiries: Please direct any media inquiries to Umaima Ahmad, 52 co-founder and CEO of North Health: [email protected].

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52 North Health secures £ 1 million seed investment – UK technology investment news

Source link 52 North Health secures £ 1 million seed investment – UK technology investment news

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