5 Women Killing It in the World of Sport

Women are killing it in the world of sport right now. From 15-year-old Olympic gold medallists to World Cup soccer winners fighting for equal pay off the field, there are some remarkable sporting stories to be found below.

1.    Serena Williams

Serena Williams is arguably the greatest female tennis player to ever live, and although she is closing in on retirement, her coaches have suggested it won’t be just yet. She trails Margaret Court CBE by a single grand slam title right now, and we don’t doubt she will be hungry to catch her. In fact, her coaches have openly stated that Serena has one goal before retiring. That goal hasn’t been disclosed, but most think it is to equal or better Margaret Court’s record of 24 grand slam titles.

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2.    Jin Young Ko

Jin Young Ko, also known as Ko Jin-Young, is a female LPGA golfer currently ranked as the best in the world. At just 22 years old, she already won 10 tournaments in her native South Korea. Just three years later today, she is ranked top of the LPGA charts after only becoming a member of the LPGA Tour in 2018. This is thanks to two major victories in 2019. It has been a fierce and fast ride to the top for Jin.

5 Women Killing It in the World of Sport

Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

3.    Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe made an impression on the soccer world stage during the 2019 Women’s World Cup. She is a tricky and energetic winger who captains OL Reign and the USA Women’s national team. She has won multiple World Cups and domestic trophies. But as she nears retirement as a continual winner, she has also taken to activism in many forms. One of the most shared stories was that she spearheaded a lawsuit against the United States Soccer Federation for equal pay between male and female national soccer players.

4.    Sifan Hassan

Sifan Hassan is an Ethiopian and Dutch middle and long-distance runner. She is making strides – pardon the pun – in multiple events and setting records. What is so remarkable about Sifan is that she managed to win a gold medal in the 1,500 metre and 10,000 metre races in the 2019 World Championships. This is remarkable considering the difference in distances between the two races, which is also why she is the only person to ever accomplish such a feat of athleticism.

5.    Katie Ledecky

Katie Ledecky is the most decorated female swimmer of all time, and her accomplishments are unfolding in front of our eyes right now at just 24 years old. The American has already won 15 World Championship gold medals and five Olympic gold medals. One of those gold was won at just 15 years old. You won’t be too surprised to hear that she is also the holder of various records. She has the world record for the fastest time in three different freestyle events.




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