5 useful Google Fi features you shouldn’t forget

Did you get Fi?Google may have a rare wireless service Changed the name From Project Fi Google Fi Some time ago, its core proposals have remained relatively constant since its inception. Pay only for the data you use and avoid all the waste of traditional carriers.

Fi can be a real cost savings for the right kind of person And No hassle. And besides the most prominently advertised perks (seamless network switching, public Wi-Fi use, free roaming and hotspot features, etc.), Fi has some very interesting and unobtrusive options. There is. It really enhances your experience.

Whether you’re new to Fi or a veteran of Project Fi / Google Fi, spend a few minutes exploring these useful hidden features to see if they’re useful. They are all there and just waiting to be accepted — and generally speaking, they don’t require an extra dime to use for you.

Google Fi Feature 1: Free data-only SIM

One of Google Fi’s most valuable and underutilized benefits is the service’s free data-only SIM program. And it doesn’t take long to use it. Fi website Or App,[プランの管理]Select and[データのみのSIMを追加]Look for a small, unpretentious option labeled. Click or tap it and Fi will guide you through the process of adding a data-only SIM to your account. Google will create a card, activate it, and ship it for an even more affordable $ 0.

So what do you do? Why bother? Well, you are a curious caribou. With a data-only SIM, you can effectively turn other devices, such as laptops and tablets with SIM card slots, and even dusty old phones, into the next extension. The main Fi service, if compatible with the Fi network. Simply pop the suction cup anywhere you like and your device will be online and ready to use. You pay $ 10 per gigabyte of the same standard (or if you’re using one of Fi’s new unlimited plans).And you please do not If you use data for a particular month, you will not be paid anything. Unlike most other carriers, there are no stupid extras or charges just for the “privilege” of having an add-on device.

Personally, I use the data-only SIM feature to keep a random old phone rotation roster active and make it available for different types of use.You may carry it with you while traveling (or Theoretically Travel, today’s reality). Then it basically acts as a backup device in that scenario. If your day gets longer and your regular phone’s battery runs low, you can use your secondary device to go online, stream music or video, create a laptop hotspot, or any number of internet-based ones. Even stay in touch with family and colleagues Android messaging app — You don’t have to worry about repowering all my primary phones.

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5 useful Google Fi features you shouldn’t forget

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