5 Reasons Why People From UK Like To Travel To Spain So Much?

Spain has always been one of the best holiday destinations in Europe. The country is visitor-friendly, welcoming, and the locals and residents are genuinely very nice people! All this, plus gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, great weather, fabulous food, numerous entertainment and activities, makes Spain an excellent country to visit. 

Apart from the country’s beauty, Spain is also highly economical for holidays. Costa del Sol, Menorca, Lanzarote, and Mallorca are some of the cheapest places to stay for extended periods. The travel within Spain from one city to another is also inexpensive, and most visitors prefer a car rental to experience the countryside and all the sights. 

With so many attractions and places to see in the Basque Country in Northern Spain, it is easily possible to rent exceptional apartments in the Bilbao center and stay for months while exploring the stunning North. The same is also true of Barcelona in the west and Madrid towards the south. 

Since Spain still tops the list of the best holiday destinations, let us look at five reasons why people from the UK like to travel to Spain so much. 

Spain is known for its perfect weather. The Spanish sun shines down for nearly 300 days each year, making winter and autumn enjoyable. Since most residents of the UK are usually fed up with the cloudy, rainy days, snowed-in winters, and extreme summer, Spain offers an excellent reprieve from the gloomy British weather. 

The scenery is gorgeous, with countless pristine beaches, imposing mountains, volcanic views, and natural beauty. Tenerife (part of the Canary Islands) has a stunning coastline of over 200 miles and plenty of fauna and flora. Tenerife is also home to Mount Teide, the third-largest volcano in the world. Most visitors hike up the mountain for awe-inspiring views of the surroundings. 

With over 5,000 miles of scenic coastline, you are usually never far from a beach in Spain. These beaches have hidden alcoves, restaurants, water sports, and popular tourist spots. Spain is also known for having the maximum number of blue flag beaches globally. 

A popular tourist destination is Costa de la Luz, with crystal-clear, pristine, turquoise blue waters, untouched hidden coves, and clean sands. Located in the beautiful Andalusian region, this beach is a haven for residents of the UK wishing to relax, soak in the sun, and enjoy local food and wine. 

Spain is one of the leading foodie destinations in the world. Large cities like Barcelona and Madrid have Michelin-starred restaurants, live tapas bars, and more. In contrast, smaller cafes and restaurants are known for the local paella, chorizo, and famous seafood stews. Barcelona is also known for its countless winding streets of food-lined stalls and restaurants that serve some of the best tapas. Restaurant owners in Barcelona still follow the age-old tradition of covering the drinks with a slice of cheese or bread to save them from dust. 

Apart from the tapas, Barcelona is also known for fried calamari, spicy potatoes in sauce, chorizo sausages, and a range of olives. When in Spain, most people prefer signing up for a food tour with an itinerary of the best foods and drinks in town. Just like bar hopping, tourists in Spain also enjoy food hopping! 

Most people from the UK enjoy visiting Spain for its cultural heritage. Each of the cities in Spain has grown over the centuries to become extremely cosmopolitan with massive businesses, multinationals, small businesses, cultural hotspots, and arts and music. Some of the must-see places in Spain are the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the historical city of Salamanca, and more. 

Since Spain has such a vibrant history, the architecture and museums in the cities are a reflection of its growth. Many cities also have landmarks that have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Apart from the museums and architecture, Spanish cities are known for their food, shopping, small cafes and bars, lively terraces, flamenco dancers, and more. 

Most UK travellers also enjoy taking a break from city life and prefer staying in one of the many scenic villages in Spain. The stunning beaches, breathtaking scenery and excellent food offer a wonderful reprieve from the day-to-day hustle of everyday life. In Andalucia, the rugged hillsides have given way to picture-perfect villages, with pretty ruins, ancient churches, whitewashed houses, and cobbled streets. These small Spanish villages have maintained their old-world charm even with the advancement. The town of Frigiliana has been voted the prettiest in Spain many times. 

Most people also enjoy being a part of the village life, enjoying tapas and paella under the sun, drinking wine, eating bread and fried seafood, and eating local gastronomic specialities. 


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