5 Powerful Communication Techniques For 2023 From Livebeam

As you begin to set fresh plans and goals for 2023, it is important to remember that all achievements you have are related to other people. For example, the success of your business comes from your customers, and the salary comes from your employer. This simply means that there is a need to collaborate with other people for you to survive and thrive. Actionable communication techniques are essential for communicating productively with people in your surrounding.

For this reason, Livebeam suggests these 5 powerful communication techniques for you to implement in 2023:

1.   Keep a proper body language

Body language is a powerful tool in communication

Did you know that during communication your body language accounts for 55% of the messages you’re passing? This means that in any situation where you are physically present or seen, your body language needs to be on point. Most people can interpret your emotional state by just observing your body language. So it is important that your intentions are constructive.

No one wants to have a conversation with someone unfriendly or aggressive. If you are giving a speech, your body language needs to be friendly and cordial, since it accounts for what your viewers perceive. Maintaining good eye contact and smiling are some of the expressions from your body that form powerful communication techniques. Always look people in the eye while talking. Don’t forget to express curiosity or sympathy, especially when someone is talking about themselves or a problem. You can use your hands, arms, and face to do this. For example, resting your hands on your chin and furrowing your brow is a good way to show sympathy. On online spaces for chatting and interacting like Livebeam you can use emojis to express your emotions and body language. Avoid seeming too serious or strict in friendly communication.

2.   Always try to understand another person

Ensure you understand what the other person is saying

Another powerful communication technique is trying to understand the other person before you reply or say anything. You’ll be able to give clear and comprehensive responses if you focus and really listen to  what the other person is saying.

It is natural for people to think about their needs and put themselves first. However, in communication you need to override that and try to understand the other person’s feelings and emotions that they are trying to convey with the verbal message.

Instead of trying to relate to what the other person is saying, figure out what they are trying to tell you without words. That way you’ll really understand and give a good response. Livebeam group chat during a stream or direct message option is where you can try to apply this powerful communication technique.

3.   Ask open-ended questions

Open-ended questions make people reveal more information

The power of communication also lies in asking open-ended questions. Usually, these are questions that can only be answered with an explanation, instead of short “Yes” or “No”. You can use these questions to develop an engaging conversation and filter out someone’s genuine opinions and thoughts.

If you are trying to connect with a new mate on Livebeam, for instance, you can engage with them by asking a question like:

“What do you think of Yuval Noah‘s Harari new book?”

You see? With such a question nobody can give a flat “yes” or “no” response. Instead, they will give a response based on their thoughts and opinion of the new book they’ve read or not.

As you frame your open-ended question, try to assure the other person that they won’t feel judged by their response. This way, you can develop trust with the person, and get them to reveal more information to you.

4.   Be truthful and straightforward

Honesty is a powerful tool

The power of communication also lies in being open and honest with the person you are communicating with. Being truthful and straightforward is more common sense than an actual technique. On Livebeam, for example, people can visit the platform daily to find meaningful communication and connection with people they can share their feelings and thoughts with. While doing this, they will expect that whatever the other person is saying is absolutely true.

No one likes a person who seems dishonest and shady. From an evolutionary standpoint, most humans have developed enough senses to differentiate truth and deception, and this can ruin your connection with anyone.

5.   Learn to shape your views

Instead of changing your views, you can shape them to understand what others mean

While communicating with other people, you’ll notice that, for the most part, they hold different views from yours. Once you’ve grasped the concept of asking open-ended questions and understanding others, you can shape your thoughts to understand different opinions. This doesn’t mean you change your views to suit or match the ones of other people.

Instead of lying or trying to change your own views, you can share your thoughts in a way that doesn’t seem offensive to other people. For example, if a friend you’ve been in touch with for a very long time on some online platform is suggesting a meet-up at their place, you obviously know that is a wrong idea because you are meeting for the first time. However, as much as you know the idea is poor, you don’t want to offend them with a straightforward “No” answer. Here is how you can  shape your view of what they suggested:

“I am happy you’d like us to meet at your place and am so excited at the idea of seeing you for the first time. However, I feel that meeting in an open area is better for both of us to feel safe”.

By shaping your opinion this way you come out as someone collaborative and positive. And your friend will likely agree to your suggestion.

As we approach 2023, understanding the role of good communication in our lives is important. To make loyal friends and get favors from people, you should learn the powerful communication techniques we have explained above. These techniques can be applied in real life or on online communication platforms such as Livebeam.

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