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4 Essential Home Renovation Safety Tips For Landlords

When renovating a property, it can be a slight shock as to how much you actually have to do. While there are lots of things to take up your time, it’s important that you don’t forget about being safe, and also keeping your renovated property safe for future tenants. We’ve listed four of our most important safety tips for your renovation project, so that you can be sure that the place will be a safe area during the course of the project, as well as being safe for those that end up calling it their home.

Be Careful At Height
There are so many accidents involving ladders every year, and many of these happen on building sites and with people that aren’t used to using one during home renovation projects. To prevent accidents like this happening, it’s important that you make sure you and everyone working around you knows how to safely use a ladder, as well as what not to do when using one, such as overreaching for things or not properly securing it.

Where possible, it’s also worth having a partner keep the ladder secure for you, spot any potential hazards, and to pass you items so that you don’t have to reach for them unnecessarily.

Hire A Professional Electrician
Poorly fitted electrical systems are a common cause of fires in properties as malfunctions or damaged wiring can spark and ignite flammable materials. When you’re fitting an electrical system in a property that will be lived in by tenants, it’s essential that you have this system properly installed by a professional and/or checked over, with an electrician compiling an EIC report.

If you’re looking for someone to conduct these tests and reports, consider booking a visit from a professional electrician from Trade Facilities Services who can provide a number of different services related to electrics, including general electrical and PAT testing, fire alarm tests, and emergency lighting tests.

Ensure The Use Of Safety Gear
There are lots of different items of safety gear that you should consider during your renovation project. Goggles to protect your eyes from loose material like sawdust and other small fragments, work gloves to keep your hands from getting cut or pierced by sharp objects, and dust masks to protect your lungs are all essential to keep you safe.

This along with a hard hat and steel-toed work boots to protect you from heavy, falling objects are key to avoiding serious injury during the project. Stay vigilant with wearing these, even if they’re a bit uncomfortable, as they really could save your life.

Tidy Up And Clear Escape Routes
An untidy space is a hazardous one, especially if there’s a lot of footfall in an area with potentially low light, and with people carrying dangerous equipment. Good housekeeping on your site can really save lives and this can range from sweeping up loose material that could cause people to slip, to tidying up sharp and dangerous tools.

Trip hazards are a huge risk on renovation and building sites and should be avoided at all costs. Keep walkways clear by moving items to the sides of rooms tidily. Avoid propping open doors with bulky items too and instead use proper doorstops where possible, as these bulky items can get in the way, especially if that door is an escape route which people may rush through to avoid danger.


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