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3 Ways to Show Respect for Your Child

You might often hear how children should be respectful to adults, however it can also work the other way round. One of the ways that you may be able to teach your child to be a kinder, more thoughtful person could be through using those same practices within your parenting techniques. There are a number of ways that you may be able to help your child to acknowledge that you legitimately care about their thoughts, feelings, and even aspirations. In turn, this could help them to manage adulthood better, and become caring individuals.

While respect can be considered in terms of feelings and the way you treat one another, you may also be able to show it through financial aid. Using a junior ISA from Wealthify, you can save up money each month, that will accrue interest and then become available to them once they reach 18 years of age. The respect given here is the knowledge that you, as a parent, may have no control on how this money will be used. Informing your child of its existence, and that it will be available for them for a purpose of their choosing, can give an indication that you respect their autonomy and ability to make decisions, and want to give a helping hand to make their goals a reality.

Respectful goals for the future can be a wonderful idea, but you may also want to think about the ways respect can be shown and given in the present day. There are some simple ways to show respect to your child each and every day. Giving them autonomy over their privacy can be important. Even for a younger child, this could involve knocking on their bedroom door before entering, and asking them to do the same for you. This can give an indication of the importance and rights regarding personal space. It is important to note that, at times, you may feel like you need to invade your child’s privacy, especially if there are safety concerns. However, this could also be discussed with your child so that they understand the reasoning.

Putting your phone away can also be a big sign of respect. If you are on your phone, and not for an important reason, this could make your child feel like their time and thoughts do not matter. This action, known as phubbing, could even increase the risk of depression in your child. It can be important to remove all technology and be actively present when around your child, and to ask them to show you that same level of respect. This may also help you to converse more freely, and retain information given.

Showing respect for your child can help them to, in turn, learn how to respect others. It can also be quite beneficial in strengthening your existing bond. In years to come, your child may be able to use these teachings and examples to positively affect how they engage with others.

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