3 great ways Notion can make you more efficient

You will find it easy to gladly accept a service designed to improve your efficiency.

It’s absolute No in the case of concept.. At first glance, the concept of self-proclaimed “all-in-one workspace” is overwhelming. This app does so many things that you don’t know where to start. And it just makes it very attractive to give up and leave.

I should know: I’ve done it myself — actually a few times.I danced around concept I’ve been using Notion for months before I actually jumped in. Every time I hung around a little, I nodded and thought it was a compassionate “Hmm”. It sounds like all the intriguing new possibilities I’ve come across (as one does), and then I realize I didn’t have a ground idea of ​​what to do next.

In the end, I understood something. The key to getting started with Notion is to force you to ignore all the different uses of the service. At least first, let’s focus on one or two specific features that your app may have. Can help you achieve. That way, you’ll discover a great new system for organizing information and getting your team (or even yourself!) On track. I did, and Notion has now evolved into an integral part of my professional toolbox.

So think of this as your guide — not the endless seeming complexity Notion has, but some valuable ways to get your head around the service and get started with it.

(Concept is available On the web Like both native app forms Windows and MacOS With desktop Android and iOS On mobile. The service is free for personal use and can optionally be upgraded to a $ 4 / month Pro plan. $ 8 per user per month For teams. )

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3 great ways Notion can make you more efficient

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