3 Advantages of Electric Heating

Modern electric heating is the real deal! I’m not trying to denigrate other types of heating when I say this. By and large, every heating system has its own merits and demerits. But for the most part, electric heating trumps other types of heating.

The advantages of electric heating are numerous. It is safe, convenient, and economical. Apart from this, electric heating is environmentally friendly, time-saving, and highly efficient. Electrical heating is certainly an upgrade over the use of gas and other hydrocarbon-powered heating systems.

Whether you’re looking for a system to heat your home or boil your water, an electrical system is an ideal choice for you. However, if you’re not sure about the advantages of electrical heating, this article will convince you. It highlights the main benefits that you can get directly from using electrical heating. So keep on reading.

It is Economical

One advantage of electrical heating is that it is budget-friendly. Of the different types of heating systems, electrical heating is the cheapest. On average, electrical furnaces, radiators, and heaters cost less. They are also relatively easier to install. This allows you to save on installation costs.

Apart from the low initial cost, the maintenance of electrical heating systems is cheap. Unlike other types of heating systems, electrical heating requires little attention after installation. As a result, you can strike off the extra labour costs on your budget.

In the long run, electrical heating systems have a longer average lifespan than oil or gas boilers. They have few mechanical parts, and as a result, you don’t have to contend with the effects of wear and tear when using one.

Moreover, electrical furnaces are impressively efficient. They perform optimally without consuming much electricity. Therefore, you are spending less on fuel.

It is Safe

Electric furnaces are very safe to use. There is very little possibility of danger to your health when you use an electric heating system. Electric systems don’t use combustion engines; they don’t burn fuel. This means that they don’t emit gases at all, thereby eliminating the risk of exposure to poisonous gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen monoxide, and other oxides of nitrogen. In addition, the tendency for explosion due to burning fuel, associated with gas and oil boilers, is completely absent in electrical boilers and radiators.

Furthermore, the environment is protected since there’s no emission of greenhouse gases.

And finally, with special consideration for your safety, the manufacturers of most electric furnaces have included several safety features that all but eliminate the possibility of electrical hazards. For example, there is an auto-protection feature that automatically shuts down the system in case of a power surge. Also, switchgears and thermostats help to regulate heat and prevent overheating in electrical systems.

You cannot find these in the other types of boilers. Therefore, if you’re concerned about your safety, then you should go for an electric furnace.

It is Convenient

Convenience should be one of your main concerns when choosing a type of heater. In this aspect, electrical heating trumps other different types of heating systems.

For one, while the features described in the previous section ensure your safety, they also serve as convenience features. For example, the thermostat helps you to regulate the heat of your gadget. This means that you don’t have to keep adjusting the temperature every now and then. Once the temperature reaches the level you pre-set, it maintains that constant temperature until you change it yourself. Heaters such as the immersion heater only work when the temperature drops below your pre-set level. And if you’re asking: “what is an immersion heater?“, we’ve answered that already. Another safety feature present in most heating systems is the auto on/off setting. This allows you to programme the working hours of your heating system.

Apart from the above convenience features, electrical heating systems are desirable for their noiseless operation. You don’t have to endure or adapt to some boring, repetitive sounds when your heating system is in operation. This sets it apart from gas and oil boilers.

Moreover, you will save yourself a lot of stress because there is no dust or ash buildup from the operation of electrical heating. As a result, you have pretty much little cleaning to do.


The advantages of electrical heating are countless. Its ever-increasing popularity owes a lot to the benefits that users derive from it. You’re simply missing out by not using electrical heating. However, it is not too late to catch this train. Join the moving band to start enjoying the unlimited benefits of electrical heating.

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