2022 Sally Morgan Celebrity Predictions Including Molly May The Hague Pregnancy

The past few years have cast us a lot of surprises, and while they weren’t all good, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2022.

And while it’s hard to guess what most of us might be around the corner, celebrity spiritual Sally Morgan shares her insights into what we can expect. did.

From pregnancy and weddings to big career wins, look like these stars – including: Please come to dance strictly Contestant, I love the islanders And TOWIE’s favorites – there may be a lot to celebrate.

Read on to find out what’s waiting for your favorite star in 2022 …

Molly May The Hague

Will there be Molly May and Tommy babies in 2022?

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Last year Love island Star Molly May The HagueAnnounced at the age of 22 as the creative director of fashion brand Pretty Little Thing.

And while career success will continue, Sally anticipates a huge addition to Molly May and her boyfriend. Tommy FuryLife in 2022.

Sally said: “I see Molly May’s pregnancy. She really wants a child, and she will get pregnant this year. She feels very fulfilled and is doing what she wants to do. In March she moves forward. It’s a month to do, when she will get a lot of work.

“But her personal life will hinder her career decisions. She tries to get both done well, but it’s hard to concentrate.”

Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury can pave the way for next year’s success

Tommy, 22, may have made waves in the boxing world last year, but Sally doesn’t think he’s going to reach the level of his siblings. Tyson..

Sally said: “He doesn’t succeed in following his brother’s footsteps. Boxing is his career, but there are many ways to do it. You can own a promoter, coach, or gym. The sun shines in your name. While he’s going to make hay, he’s having a lot of difficulties this year. He’ll get over them, but 2022 isn’t the best for him.

Louise Redknapp

It may be this year that Louise focuses on his work goals

47 years old have Had a significant portion of her broken heart in the last few yearsBut Sally is convinced that 2022 is the year the singer finds lasting love.

She explains:Louise Her life is now together and she has moved away from her marriage. She’s a very nice person and you’ll see her dating again this year – and maybe not just one guy!

“She has a chance and she’s going to make some important decisions. She shines great in July and August – she really shines. She also has new job opportunities. I think there is also new music. She will be really happy to see her career progress. “

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright

Mark and Michelle-aka Marchelle

Between a busy career, family promises, home remodeling, it was a busy few years Mark light When Michelle Keegan.. But according to Sally, this year we will be testing the couple. Sally said: “I think they are in love very much, but this year there are challenges in their relationship.

“Several cracks will appear. They can be healed, but there will be a lot of pressure. It has nothing to do with money, it has to do with the dynamics of the extended family.

“They have a really special May. They will be busy with work. Their relationship will probably work because they are separated from each other. Absence is caressing.”

Rochelle Hume’s

Will Rochelle continue at full speed or slow it down in 2022?

For three mothers Rochelle, 32, this year you will see her juggling her career and young family. Sally said: “Her career is flying now, but you might want to slow down in 2022. There’s a great opportunity, but she has a lot of work to spend more time around the house and kids. I refuse.

“She still does little by little with her husband Marvin.. There is longevity and they have a good relationship. Watch them stay together forever. “

Jema Collins

GC Wedding Forecast

The GC teeth I’m in love with my boyfriend Lami Hawash And he enjoys being a stepmother, and according to Sally, there are big plans on the horizon for her in 2022.

She states: “Jema’s card has a wedding. It’s going to be a GC wedding-skip your imagination, but it never reaches the height that Jema would be! She wants a baby ..

“She diversifies her career and tries to do more serious things. She may be offered her talk show and go that route.”

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Stacy Solomon

Did you get engaged in 2021 and get married in 2022?

last year Stacy Pushed her back wedding When she announced she was expecting her daughter Rose. And now, Sally believes that 32-year-old Stacy will wait until the end of 2022 to marry her partner Joe Swash.

“You can see a winter wedding on Stacey and Joe’s card. It can even be a Christmas wedding, and pickle cottages will be part of it,” explains Sally. “She has a baby and she’s a great mom, but she’s also very focused on her career. I don’t think she’ll have another baby, but the job opportunity is imminent. She can make another TV series. “

Sheridan Smith

Music may be the focus of Sheridan this year

It was hard Sheridan In 2021, she endured considerable challenges, including the dissolution of her fiancé Jamie Horn. But according to Sally, she will continue to pick herself up.

Our psychic say: But as long as she has a challenge, she pulls herself up and continues her life. I think she’s going to play Lady Gaga and release an album with someone else, potentially a man. Her musical career is what she is very pleased with. “

AJ Odudu

AJ will be a property that will attract attention in 2022 after rigorous success

AJ’s Turn on the star and it will be paved strictly How to get lots of opportunities this year, Sally talks to us. Cards also have love, but not as much as you would expect.

“There is no romantic relationship between AJ and our partner Kai Widdrington. I think there is great friendship and respect, but I don’t think there is anything more than that,” says Sally.

“Her career will fly this year, but sometimes she may jump into things too early and regret it. She has a great offer, but don’t hurry. Take the time to be wise. The card has other romance. She once had a wobble at the end of her life when she came back. “

Kerry Katona

understood!Columnist Kelly hopes 2022 was as good as 2021

It will be a year of great success for us Kelly, 41, she will be a lot on our screen.

Sally said: “For Kelly, 2021 was the stepping stone she started to fly. In 2022, she maintained that momentum. Like many other celebrities, she was offered things every day and she was a family member. I want to do everything because I am a earner.

She has a wonderful year. Meet her on TV shows, panels, and jury. You can also see some jobs in Australia for her. It’s calling her. “

Dani Dyer

Baby tick No. 2?

Definitely a love island star Tick, 25 years old was a tough 2021, but this year Sally sees good for one mother in the form of a little Santiago brother!

She explains:I think I’ll be another boy With her current partner.. I predict she will marry the next baby. “


Will Cheryl be back in 2022?

We are going to see more Cheryl, 38, 2022, but it’s not all an obvious voyage for pop stars. Sally said: “Her music career is declining and there are many stop starts, but she keeps going.

She may go through several record labels, which shows me that she is tenacious and determined to make another hit. She is incredibly private about her love life, but there will be another guy. She will find love in 2022! “

Lisa Armstrong

Successful career of makeup artist Lisa

Lisa perhaps I fell in love with my boyfriend James GreenHowever, the road ahead may be a little bumpy.

Sally said: “She is a great make-up artist and will continue to succeed in her career. Her relationship can be tricky because she sometimes struggles to trust men. She is very independent. A strong woman. “

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2022 Sally Morgan Celebrity Predictions Including Molly May The Hague Pregnancy

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