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1,000 allowed for indoor events, but only 30 for weddings starting May 17th, anger on the blockade roadmap

The bride and groom are furious that 1,000 indoor events have been allowed since May 17, but only 30 are allowed at the wedding.

The government released a roadmap from the blockade yesterday-it said an unlimited wedding could start again from June 21st.

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The roadmap from the blockade allows for an indoor event of 1,000 people, but people have expressed anger because there are only 30 weddings.

According to the Boris Johnson roadmap, starting May 17, other indoor events for up to 1,000 people will be allowed, but weddings can only be held for up to 30 people.

Couples and wedding hall owners are confused by the decision, saying that a small number means that some venues will never open.

David Povey said: “Boris Johnson, if you sell your wedding ticket on June 20th, can you classify it as an” event “and welcome more than 30 guests?”

“We want every couple, venue, supplier, and the entire wedding industry that you have trampled over and over again.”

Another frustrated Brit would like to sell a wedding ticket to qualify as an “indoor event”?

“This is horrible nonsense-I’m very angry.”

The third party wrote: “Complete strangers are allowed to mix for sporting purposes, but not for loved ones who want to celebrate the greatest day of their lives in front of family and friends.”

Chris Naylor, owner of the three wedding halls and chair of the UK Wedding Task Force, said MailOnline: “I think the fact that there is a roadmap and dates is good news. The June 21st date is good-it will give you something to get there.

“Should I sell wedding tickets?”

“The problem you have is that many venues and businesses don’t go there. It’s four months away. It’s completely unfair. You can hold a meeting of 1,000 people, but it’s big. Large weddings are not possible. “

He added that the government feels like it doesn’t have “trust and trust” in the wedding industry, given that the event is “highly planned.”

Naylor goes on to say: “They seem to have a very widespread wedding event in their heads.

“I think we need to be more careful in an environment with close family and friends. I think very much that we should be allowed to have a bigger wedding in May.

“There is a huge gap in what the government thinks of a wedding and the reality of this Covid world.

“I think the May regulations are too strict for the wedding industry.”

According to the wedding planning and booking app Bridebook, the UK has at least 253,000 wedding backlogs, which will last for 10 years.

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2022 will be the busiest year of a record wedding as couples make reservations during a pandemic and scramble to make up for the lost time.

This year, under the Prime Minister’s roadmap, up to 15 participants, including the bride and groom, will be allowed from April 12th.

This number will increase from May 17th to 30th.

It is hoped that an unlimited number of guests will be allowed, as all restrictions will be lifted from 21 June, but the Prime Minister emphasized that this will be reviewed in the near future.

Boris said: “We aim to remove all legal restrictions on social contact, weddings and other life events.

“We will resume everything up to the nightclub, enabling large-scale events such as theater performances that exceed the limits of Step 3. We may use tests to reduce the risk of infection.”

Current rules allow weddings to be held only in exceptional circumstances, such as when the bride or groom has terminal illness.

Due to the blockade of the country, the reception is completely banned.

The British were furious at the decision


The British were furious at the decision

1,000 allowed for indoor events, but only 30 for weddings starting May 17th, anger on the blockade roadmap

Source1,000 allowed for indoor events, but only 30 for weddings starting May 17th, anger on the blockade roadmap

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