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10 Ways How to Make a Student’s Living

Providing for your finances while being a student is tough. Managing a day job while trying to catch up with the curriculum is tougher. But, good for you, there are several ways you can earn a decent living or even develop a sustainable earning source to support your future endeavours without getting in your own way. To help manage my time better, here’s how I do my homework now after making a student’s living through the methods mentioned below.

10 Ways How to Make a Student's Living

  1. Providing Tuition:

Teaching is a very noble and lucrative profession for students trying to make a living out of their own education. You keep learning what you’ve already learned and just make someone else comprehend the same concepts. If you are someone who is confident about their education and have the superpower of teaching, providing tuition can earn you a decent living.

  1. Doing a Part-Time Job:

Part-time jobs are stepping stones to the professional world. As a student, you learn to manage customers, peers, and in rare cases – even your boss. Being a part-time worker can be very challenging while being a student, but the remuneration is often very generous. The best thing about working part-time is a stable schedule. You will be able to manage your time more proficiently.

  1. Internships:

Paid internships are the golden goose of any student’s academic career. You start to understand your or your educations’ significance while being an intern in a respectable corporation. And if you do well throughout the term, most of the organizations frequently often hire their interns as an employee after graduation.

  1. Vlogging/Streaming:

Vlogging is in trend now. Everyone with any bit of passion or talent about anything can become an internet sensation with a little perseverance and knowledge. You can even start your own Youtube channel talking about your daily life and garner an audience for that. Streaming is another form of vlogging. Gaming, action sports, sleeping, everything is considered streaming as long as you do it in front of a live audience. Vlogging pays really well if done right.

  1. Blogging:

Not as diverse as vlogging, you can still find an audience for your niche through blogging and generate revenue for solving problems in the form of writing. Blogging is considered by many students because of the already present writing capabilities of most of the students. Which is not the case for vlogging.

  1. Paid Writing:

There are many individuals, who are either associated with a company or trying to start their own blog. Those individuals can be a source of your student living if you can write well and as per their requirements. Many freelancing sites act as a bridge between you and your potential clients.

  1. Online Tutoring:

If you are assured about your teaching, you can enlist yourself in an online teaching platform that provides courses to interested students. The degree of variety these platforms have is terrific. Any field you are an expert of, you are bound to find a customer base with these platforms like Udemy.

  1. Chegg:

Chegg is an online tutoring platform that lets students post their doubts and Homework for you to solve. Enlisting yourself to Chegg is pretty straightforward and the only requirement is to pass a very generic test.

  1. Freelancing:

Graphic designing, software development, web development, virtual assistance, anything you have a talent on, there is a market for your talent. There are literally thousands of clients waiting for you to provide your service to them.

  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Amazon has a quite popular affiliate market program that lets you share links of the products for you to earn an affiliate commission when bought by the recipient.


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