10 Innovative Home Desk Organisation Ideas — Add, Declutter, and Arrange

10 Innovative Home Desk Organisation Ideas — Add, Declutter, and Arrange

Working from home can bring flexibility and increase productivity level, but not when you have an unorganised and contaminated home desk. When the unwanted files, papers, and accessories remain scattered over the desk, it’s become difficult to provide utmost attention while working. After a 9 to 5 job, sometimes cleaning and organising the home desk might turn out to be a nerve-racking process. But, when it comes to improving concentration level and hygiene standards, a clean and well-organized desk is essential.

Based on a recently conducted survey, it was found that home and office desks contain harmful bacteria, dirt, and grime. And, this simply means that the individuals who clean and declutter their desks daily are less likely to fall sick. People who work at an organised desk are able to work for a prolonged period without losing their focus. Keeping the desk clutter-free will help you find the required documents or files without any wastage of time. Therefore, when the work-related items are placed properly, you can efficiently reduce the stress burden.

You might have bought a desk that has a lot of space, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to utilise that by keeping unwanted items. Simply bring ease and comfort to your life by keeping the required documents in drawers, cabinets, and in other storage mediums. There are a few other designs that help the employees to meet the tight deadlines by making the desk clutter-free.

Want to know more about these cost-effective storage solutions? Here, we are compiling a few more ideas that can easily help you to improve the cluttered condition of the home desk.

1.   Add a Few Desk Accessories — Keep it Simple yet Visually-Pleasant

Did you recently add a well-designed desk in the living space with the assistance of Handyman Dubai? Then, you must be thinking about how to organise the home desk and what accessories you should add to make it eye-catching. Let us clarify, for getting a streamlined look, and it’s not important to include expensive desk accessories. Simply, add a decorative cup for keeping the pens, and also buy a pocket-friendly magazine folder for keeping the journals. Additionally, consider getting a stacked drawer unit for placing the essential work-related documents. As a desk owner, your aim should be to add fewer items on the desk and more organising tools.

2.   Get Color-Code Filing Systems

Unable to eliminate the clutter from the home desk? With the help of well-organized filing systems, you can keep and get the required financial or insurance-related documents anytime. To organise and separate the essential documents, every individual should use these organising systems. Thinking about how these color-code filing systems can help you find the required papers at the right time? Simply, choose different colours for segregating the different documents. For instance, you can choose the green-coloured filing systems for keeping the financial documents.

Add the medical papers in the red-coloured filing systems and keep the annual house inspection reports in the blue filing systems. In this way, you can easily identify the important files and present them when you need it. But, don’t keep these filing systems on the desk, but put these inside the drawers (if you have any).

3.   Attach a Mail Station

If you haven’t yet created a mail station for maximising the desk space, then immediately get one. Instead of keeping the important incoming and outgoing mail on the desk, simply store those on the mail-stations. The desk users might create a separate folder for bills and other files for easy accessibility. As soon as you receive a mail, consider filing it in the mail-station. This will pave the way for getting the required mails on time, without any hassle.

Want to know which type of mail stations will suit the home desk setup? For that, you can either take professionals guidance or implement DIY ideas to create one. But make sure, this mail station is conveniently located from where you can easily open mails, bills, and other files. Place garbage disposal near the desk, so that you can immediately remove the unwanted mail. Add a preferable time in the to-do list for the mail-station, to prevent clutter.

4.   Install a Printing Station

Do you keep the printer-related accessories over the home office desk? Well, you should stop doing that in the first place and start looking for an effective storage solution. Designate a separate space in the work environment for keeping the printer and its associated supplies. And, if you own a wireless printer, then you don’t need to keep it on the desk. There are few other places where these sorts of printers can easily fit. By placing it inside the cabinet, you can conserve a considerable amount of desk space.

An organised printing station plays an imperative role in increasing productivity in the remote work culture. Make sure you have kept the necessary printer-related items such as papers, ink cartridges, and other essentials within your reach. Moreover, there are printer stations that come with multiple drawers to keep envelopes, staplers, scissors, and other required items. You can also consider keeping some books and small containers if there is adequate space in this organising tool.

5.   Use Cubbies for Organizing the Scattered Items

Do you have any hard-to-store inventories or substantial-sized art pieces on the home desk? If so, a cubby system can be the ideal organisation tool for every homeowner, irrespective of the room size. Moreover, with the help of an elegant cubby bookshelf, you can store antique household items and other valuable accessories.

These cubby systems can increase the visual appearance of the house with its neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned structure. You can also convert the decorative storage baskets into cubbies to hide items like wires and cables.

6.   Getting the Right Organizing System is Essential

Before you clean and remove every single item from the desk, make sure you have a separate organising system for everything. For an instant desk organisation, deal with the entire clutter rather than focusing just on a single thing. You can use a variety of tools or organise the home desk in the best possible way.

Want to know about the must-have organising tools that can help you get a decluttered look? Here, we are mentioning a few desk-organizing kits which every homeowner should consider incorporating:

  • Make a file rack for safely keeping the current work-related projects.
  • You can also consider adding a trash basket and recycling container for putting the unwanted items.
  • Buy a storage container and place the assignments, letters, bills, and other print material over there.

When you get a new project, make sure you have replaced the existing one within a filing cabinet for your convenience. You can also consider putting the previous project-related documents in the trash can, but only if they are not required. This is one of the best ways by which you can reduce the clutter and organise the home desk without spending too much time.

7.   Make Life Binders

Have you kept the important medical or tax-related documents in a separate place, or you have just kept them haphazardly? If not, then there is a high probability that you might not find these essential papers during an emergency case. Organise the most important documents in coloured binders instead of putting them on the desk.

Here we are enlisting some life binder desk organising ideas that will be beneficial in the long run:

  • Make a different binder for keeping the medical records in one place. Whether you have a doctor’s appointment or require an immediate medical diagnosis, get the medical document just inside the binder.
  • Do you have a pet, or thinking of getting one? Then, make sure you have kept the pet’s medical or shot records in another binder. If you are using a green binder for putting your medical records, then take a red binder to keep the pet-related papers.
  • We would suggest making another binder where you can place the servicing, repair, and maintenance records for the car owners. Moreover, you can also keep the car insurance papers in this organising tool. Choose a different colour so that you can easily locate the file.

This way, you can also store the house, electronics, and appliances-related papers in separate binders. Put these binders inside the drawer or inside any other easy-to-grab place to get the required information on time.

8.   Optimise the Wall Space

Do you have enough space on the wall where the home desk is placed? Yes! Then, contact a professional for the utmost utilisation of the wall space. Further, you can also hang filing systems, decorative shelves, calendars, to-do lists, and even whiteboards in this blank space. It’s one of the effective decor solutions that homeowners can think of. You can also install DIY wall shelves with attractive baskets and boxes for keeping the essentials.

Alongside, the homeowner can opt for adding wall arches and hooks for keeping craft supplies or wall hangings. You can also turn the apple crates into a vintage basket and place the small-sized items over there. But sometimes, you might find it difficult to utilise the wall space of the living room. In certain instances, an experienced carpenter can help you to get the best outcome without breaking the bank.

These professionals often recommend not hanging too many items on the wall, as it ends up giving a messy look. Utilizing the wall height, it is also essential before adding these items for enhancing home office storage space. So, it will be better if you leave the wall decoration part to the experts.

9.   Install a few Cabinets

If you have adequate space, consider installing a few cabinets that come at a reasonable price. It will definitely help you to keep the desk clutter-free by placing the essential items in the built-in cabinets. In the pile of office files, notepads and newspapers, you might lose some important documents. So, simply indulge in the practice of keeping those essential items on the desk and fill the cabinet with the necessary papers.

Even if you have a clean and organised desk in the first few days of a week, it might not remain the same in the remaining days. Every time you are pulling out a paper and leaving it on the desk, you are actually adding more clutter. Make sure you have installed durable, well-decorative, and multi-layered filing cabinets for keeping a considerable amount of items. So, contact an expert immediately and make sure the filing cabinet is sturdy enough.

10. Get a Portable Workstation

When you are working remotely, it’s important to have a well-adjusted workstation. It not only brings comfort and ease in working but also helps to fix posture problems. A comfortable workplace will eventually increase work efficiency and help you to become more productive. Moreover, in the home office station, you can include a wide range of items such as printers, calendars, and event files. So, don’t cluster the essential items on the desk, as it can easily get misplaced and declines the house value. Create a workstation instead to increase the storage capability and keep the required work-related papers over there.

Prevent the Clutter by Taking Immediate Action!

Over time, dust, dirt, and grime can accumulate in the home desk, and if you don’t clean it properly, it can be a breeding ground for the harmful bacterias. What to clean the home office desk but don’t know where to start? Simply, consider contacting a professional for an immediate solution. Initially, you have to first remove the stacks of papers and other office supplies from the desk before cleaning it with disinfectant.

While cleaning the desk, make sure you have also made the keyboard tray contamination-free. But, if you don’t have a keyboard tray, and have placed the keyboard on the desk, then you should immediately stop doing that. A keyboard tray can help you to save a considerable amount of space, so consider getting one.

You can also place a compact-sized table beside the desk to keep the smartphones and portable chargers. Because, while working from home, you might require these electronic devices to attend an important office-related call. Make sure you have kept the smartphone in a nearby place where it’s easily accessible. So, start planning, declutter and rearrange the office items now!

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