10 Gboard shortcuts to change the typing method on Android

One thing we Android-totin’pterodactyls take for granted is how good we are when it comes to typing text on our pocket-sized phone machines.

It’s very easy to lose track of over time, but Google is omnipotent, lemme tells ya: typing on Android is absolute joy..And all you need is 10 seconds to try to wrestle with the on-screen keyboard on it other From smartphone platform Thank you for our advantage..

We have a lot Exceptional keyboard choices ‘Although these parts are also rounded, Google’s Gboard The keyboard has recently emerged as the best all-round option for Android input. This is primarily due to the seamless integration of top-notch typing basics and delicious Google intelligence, but also due to all the clever little shortcuts lurking beneath its surface.

So in honor of my new launch Android Shortcut Super Course — A 6-day free email adventure to help you discover lots of time-saving Android treasures — Take this tour and discover great, unobtrusive Gboard typing shortcuts. Check’em out,’ try em out, then come Sign up for the course And for the super-practical Android splendor.

Gboard Shortcut No. 1: 1 second with one hand

You see, there is no way around it. You may need to rely on one hand when typing. (Let’s keep the specific reason for ourselves.) And Gboard has a great one-handed typing mode that’s incredibly easy to access.

So, if one of the grabbers is then occupied in another way, try the following: Press and hold the Gboard Enter key for about 1 second. This activates the Gboard one-handed system and reduces the screen keyboard to a smaller size. Then you can dock a fun-sized mini keyboard on the left or right side of the screen for very easy access.

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10 Gboard shortcuts to change the typing method on Android

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